ATW 2022

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Re:The 19th ATW will be held in Kyoto, Japan, on March 2-5th, 2023


Dear Colleagues,

We sincerely hope this letter finds you well and healthy! It has been very painful for everyone to cope with COVID-19 for more than two years. We are very happy to see more and more countries are adapting the policy of co-existing with COVID-19. This gives us great hope of having scientific meetings in person  

After consulting with several scientists in the A-T field and colleagues in Kyoto University, we are pleased to inform you of the new schedule for the  19th Ataxia-Telangiectasia Workshop (ATW-2023), which had been originally scheduled to be held in Shenzhen, China, in 2020. The ATW-2023 will now be held in Kyoto, Japan, on March 2-5th(Thursday-Sunday), 2023. The Radiation Biology Center of Kyoto University will be the host and Profs. Minoru Takata and Hiroshi Harada are the key local organizers. We are confident that, by then, people will feel comfortable to travel freely and attend the meeting in person

On behalf of the past and the current organizers, we sincerely hope that the rescheduling will not preclude you from joining us to deliver a plenary presentation in the ATW-2023. We will update the meeting information in the existing website and the to-be-constructed website shortly. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this rescheduling. Nevertheless, we would highly appreciate your kind reply by March 25th, 2022 on whether you can join us in Kyoto for ATW-2023. 

By the way, after communicating with scientists in the A-T field, we are also pleased to announce that the 20th ATW will be held in Shenzhen, China, on October 17-20th(Thursday-Sunday), 2024. Profs.  Xingzhi Xu, Zhao-Qi Wang, and Peter Mckinnon will be the organizers. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in person in Kyoto in March 2023 and wish you all good health!

Best wishes,


Minoru Takata, MD, PhD, Professor

Radiation Biology Center Kyoto University

Kyoto, Japan



Hiroshi Harada, PhD, Professor, Director

Radiation Biology Center Kyoto University

Kyoto, Japan



Xingzhi (Xavier) Xu, PhD, Professor

Shenzhen University School of Medicine 

Shenzhen, China


Zhao-Qi Wang, PhD, Professor, MAE

Leibniz Institute of Age Research-Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI),

Jena, Germany


Peter McKinnon, PhD, Professor

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital 

Memphis, USA